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About Me

I'm Poppy Petite's flat mate, I'm the sluttiest one so she says so I may as well act as one on here. I'm often told I've got an arse to due for, a pussy so perfect and sweet to taste.

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My Public Profile

  • Class: Model Porn Star
  • Status: Back Soon
  • Message Response Rate: 10/10
  • Message Response Summary: No
  • Levels: Boy/Girl Video
  • Ref: 950
  • Age: 19
  • Nationality: British
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • My Location: North East
  • Will Work With: Members Area Only
  • My Experience: Experienced
  • Bust: Nice Handful
  • Height: 5ft 2.0
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • My Day Job: Shop assistant
  • Tattoos: All natural
  • My Best Feature: Pussy and arse
  • Rate Acting Skills: 10/10

  • About My Work:

    I've often shocked a lot of friends with the kind of things I like to do, being a dirty slut in the bedroom, no-one believes me so I'm here to prove it.

Mick Rating

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April Returns
April makes a surprise return after long break and is keen to make use of all her audition experience to help out as a model scout for all those new wannabe porn stars out there, starting with putting on sexy cam show as gym girl…
My First Pre Audition Test Shoot
Here is April Dolls very first pre audition test shoot when this super toned teen model could not have ever imaged herself as a porn star as she turned up with wearing two pairs of knickers to make sure nothing was on show!…
April Threesome Audition
April returns after a short break as the Nerd has good news for her. If she can perform like a top porn star in a threesome video audition, she could win an amazing model contract in America!
Accidental Hard On
The Nerd pops in for a cuppa & chat, takes what he thinks is a paracetamol, turns out to be a Viagra pill, then who just walks in after her shoot, Sultry April in a sexy body suit, enough to activate the pill. The rest says it all…
My BlowJob Skills
April Doll returns to show her members how much she really loves putting on a dirty show and displaying her oral skills, looking as sultry as ever and members keep on making personal requests, some might come true one day soon,…
April's Double White Christmas
April's got her hands full yet again as she sends everyone the very best of wishes, sucking two hard cocks, the deepest of deep throats she's ever performed, and followed by two big creamy downloads, chased by a nice glass of…
Air Stewardess Audition
April’s horniest video performance ever and we think it’s the uniform that does it. April always dream’t about being an air stewardess and this horny creampie video could be the nearest she’ll get.
April's New Look
April has a new look, gym toned figure, jet back hair, dirtier swallowing skills and a hot new friend she gets to do a selfie video as seen in members WBE tube.
April's Home Visit
We have discovered an unseen video of April when we visited her at her flat. At the time, she was a bit wary to travel to the studio on her own. We don't normally do home visits incase get caught with their family, but good job we…
April Swallows More
April tells us she's has been practicing at home and is now insists that cum swallowing included in all scripts in the future and that includes girls as well!
April Fucks the Decorator
Cum swallowing April genuinely loves cock in her private life, so any script with cock in it, she will be there! On this day, poor innocent hardworking Dec the decorator was unable to escape her advances as she demanded he drops…
Hot Lacy Dress Photo Shoot
On my second photo shoot I liked the look of this sexy black lacy see through dress, not sure suitable for night out unless you got underwear set on, but looks hot naked underneath as well.
Our First 3Some Fuck Video
Porn star Poppy is lured into a dirty 3some by her naughty flat mate April and the ripped tights theme seems to catching on as they rip a hole in each others crotch area, give each other a good licking in preparation for a good…
Our First 3some Video
April had a wicked plan all along on her recent girl / girl shoot and that was to surprise her flat mate Poppy by introducing blowjob to her video. Poppy was shocked at first, but not because of what April was doing, but how she…
Our First Girl Girl Video
We have both been flat mates for two years, both had sneaky video shoots done separately, but now finally decided to take the plunge and getting it on with each other on our first hard girl / girl video. Both of us neither had sex…
My First Photo Shoot
My first nude photo shoot in red dress and black knickers. Think I prefer video than photos to be honest, love role play and having fun on video more.
My First Creampie Video
It’s my first day, I’m feeling adventurous, horny and grateful to be given the chance to show what I can do. I get to choose my own outfit, must be schoolgirl outfit, get to write my own script, must be naughty schoolgirl of…

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