Message or Book a Model at Adult Auditions

About Booking a Model

* Non members & members can book or message a model, However members can check out the models members profiles for more info, images and videos first!

* If you have a content creator profile or a member of our site, it would be reassuring to the model that you are a genuine follower when messaging or booking.

* Most models can travel, you could travel to them, they could go on tour from time to time.

* Models levels are usually min of adult nude which alone can create amazing shoots, it is the models discretion what level they work to & who with, but most develop a good working relation with their clients and soon become more comfortable with their levels.

* When it comes to availability of models, they are on and off due to time wasters, some go offline for a while, some return when signs of promising activity, therefore, it could be best to go for the "send secure message" as the cheapest option.

Model Booking Fees

* In our agency assisted model booking form, we ask you to give us your 1st & 2nd choose of model, you can also select a 3rd option in the form "search model" were we place you on our priority waiting list until your desired model comes available or a new model starts.

* There is no booking fees for models who advertise their direct contact weblink.

* There is an advance booking fee £120 for agency assisted booking which will stay in credit until we have found your model! We will get one in the end, afterall, we have managed to find models for Adult Auditions successfully for over 20 years and have no plans of stopping yet!

* Please note! We do not profit from booking fees, as our agent needs to search, track down and chase models on daily basis on various social medias if not by tel, which can seem like an endless time consuming task.

Message Model Option

* This is the cheapest option for you and a prefered simpler option for our agents.

1. You write your message to your selected model, check their response rating on their model profile.

2. We manually local the model and select the most effective method of sending securely, usually both mobile and social media.

3. We confirm with you that the message was sent successfully.

4. We confirm if the message was read by your selected model.

5. When or if the model replies, we will send you the response.(We cannot guarantee every model will reply instantly or at all)

6. If the model does not reply after 30 days, we will email you to give you probable reason why and will still keep your enquiry live.

7. Any further arrangements from a reply message will not attract any additional booking fees, you would deal direct if the model consents.

* Message model lifetime fee is $10 (approx £8.00) Even if model returns a year later, we bring to their attention priority messages first.

Here is the link for NON-MEMBERS & MEMBERS of Adult Auditions to enquire about a model