Custom Made Videos & Custom Auditions

There is a growing demand from models opting for one off custom video work, other than video work for the wider internet.

1. Custom made video is, you write the script, request for us to actually shoot the video, we edit and send you the final production.

2. Sponsor a models video shoot is basically funding the models next audition, but you get to the write the script, we edit and send you the final production, copy of the final video will appear in the model members profile some time in the future from weeks to months later! (within reason if it is achievable)

3. Custom edit video is choosing from our previous members video and personalised greetings, extra clips, or complilation (within reason if it is achievable)

Final agreements can be met later with regards copyright, your own video only, or share with members.

Here is the link for members or NON members of Adult Auditions custom video form:-

We can make short personalised video clips from 5 min, right through to a full 60 min custom made video.

* You send us your script what you want the model to say, wear, not wear & what to do. Then as long as it is reasonably achievable, like in a private setting, not giving away any private data etc. Then we can do it!

* We would prefer advance order before we are shooting with the model so we can prepare and book her for extra time.

* Try not to have long of a written script as some models are too slow to follow, just a rough outline of what you need would do , then they can improvise.

* An idea that goes down well is a 5 or 30 min video behind the scenes in between takes where the model can leave a recording for you.

* Don't want to have your real name mentioned on video, the model can address any made up name you give us! A cool idea for stag night gift!

* You can choose a model we have active now or place your order in advance for the next model that joins us for their first Adult Audition

* As soon as we have shot your custom video in full 1080 HD, we will aim to edit and send you your video for you to keep within 48 hours.

* All custom videos need to be paid in advance by secure bank transfer.

* 5 min solo or nude custom video £45

* 30 min solo or nude custom video £200

* Sponsor a full Adult Audition, any level the model is comforable with, from 60 mins to 90 mins video £450 & get your raw unedited video months before members!

Here is the link for members or NON members of Adult Auditions custom video form:-