Adult Auditions EXTRA

Click on the frequently asked questions about Adult Audition EXTRA

Adult Auditions EXTRA is a low cost subscription service that gives you;

1. Extra model info,like behind scenes models progress

2. Priority model bookings even before models go live!

3. Deposit or booking fees discounts

4. Brand new models at pre audition stage, reserve them early!

Adult Auditions EXTRA is a one time purchase of £40 for 6 months (depending upon exchange rate) with an extra bonus free 6 months added on, thats only £3 a month

This is a one time purchase, you will NOT be charged again for Adult Auditions EXTRA

Without Adult Auditions EXTRA there would be less info available, booking fees may apply and there may be a quite a wait as you will not be priority

This is all about giving new models that join us a smooth and well run booking schedule with high standard clients

A non member can get Adult Auditions EXTRA and just simply join to view content on and off as often as they please!

If your standard membership runs out, you can still get access to your remaining EXTRA membership, you are welcome to pop back any time to rejoin and catch up!

We accept card payment by Mastercard, Visa at Epoch Billing Company by simply clicking on the above link. Ask us if you with to pay an alternative way.

As soon as we receive notification payment as gone through, allow us a few hours to process your order and we will send you a welcome email with info about what happens next

Yes, there is other ways to pay if you can send us a message with email subject "Other ways to pay AA EXTRA"

We have decades of model industry experience and delivering reliable services to our clients and like any other industry there can be let downs even due to unforeseen circumstances. There is always a slight element of risk when booking models, but we have plenty new replcements joining us so at least you have 12 month Adult Auditions Extra to find the right model. Meanwhile you still have the other benefits of Adult Auditions EXTRTA!